Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learning through MASHUPS in Bb 9.1

The Mashup tool is a fun new option that will be available in Blackboard 9.1. This tool will allow your professors to include media from websites directly into your Blackboard course work
, making the learning environment more exciting and fulfilling for you as a student. By using a Mashups your professor can deliver course content through videos, images, and other media from familiar sites right to your Blackboard course.

I am sure you are familiar with YouTube, but maybe you haven't heard about flickr or slideshare. In Blackboard 9.1 these three sites can be used to create interaction in discussion boards, test questions, or blogs.

: A site for viewing and sharing online videos.

Flickr: A site for viewing and sharing photographic images.

Slideshare: A site for viewing and sharing PowerPoint presentations, Word documents,
or Adobe PDF Portfolios.

Stay tuned for more info on what is coming to you in Blackboard 9.1.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wiki Learning in Blackboard 9.1

The Wiki feature coming to Bb 9.1 is an exciting new tool that you as students of JSU will have access to.

Do you ever get frustrated with group projects because of the difficulty collaborating with classmates? Well, collaborating through a Wiki will make group projects simple. Everything is done on a document, and all classmates will have access to the document. All you and your classmates need is a computer and a web browser. Classmates will have the ability to edit your contributions to the project, and you'll be able to edit their work as well. Don't worry about confusing editing options. Editing a Wiki is as simple as editing a word document, but don't forget to click save.

This YouTube video
is a great "In Plain English" explanation about the concept of Wikis.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Coming to JSU in the Fall of 2011

You are familiar with Blackboard, but get ready for the new and improved version - Blackboard 9.1. There are many new features in 9.1 that will expand the online learning environment and make it more exciting. Mashups promise to add visually engaging content to your online classroom. Wikis will now be available in Blackboard 9.1, which will allow you and your classmates to collaborate on projects, and all you need is your web browser! Learning modules are available in the current version of Blackboard, but have been updated for 9.1, and may be used by your instructor to structure content and promote easy course navigation. Also included in the Fall release of 9.1 are gradable Blogs and Journals, which allow you to share your thoughts and ideas about the course with your classmates and instructor.

So don't miss out! You can stay in the know by following the DE student blog, and watching for weekly insights into the new tools and technology available in Blackboard 9.1.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Blackboard Mobile on iPhoneThe Office of Distance Education hopes to make your learning experience more convenient and engaging than ever before. Beginning today, Blackboard Mobile Learn is available for students and faculty at JSU.

Blackboard Mobile Learn features modules that bring the campus experience and two-way teaching and learning to the mobile device, making it possible to access and interact with announcements, assignments, course content, discussion boards, and grades on the go. Blackboard Mobile Learn is available for download as a free application on any Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch via Wi-Fi only, and on Sprint Android and Blackberry devices.

Click here to view device demos.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Distance Education at dlhelp@jsu.edu.

Friday, June 18, 2010

JSU's first doctoral program, a 100% online Doctor of Science in Emergency Management, has been approved! This will be the fifth 100% online program in the Department of Emergency Management. Visit http://www.jsu.edu/distance/degrees/index.html for a complete list of online degrees and programs.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Misty Cobb, Director of Distance Education at JSU, discusses with NBC 13's Wendy Garner the variety of courses offered at a distance and the advantages of online course delivery.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jacksonville State University and ProctorU now offer students the opportunity to take their exams anywhere through the use of a webcam and a reliable high-speed internet connection. Please visit http://www.jsu.edu/distance/fac_res/ProctorU.html for more information about using ProctorU.